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What Should I Do If My Family Member Is Killed in a Forklift Accident?

Per WRAL-TV, earlier this year, a 35-year-old man was killed in a tragic forklift accident. Reportedly, the deadly incident happened while the man was using a forklift to load equipment at Dean’s Towing and Recovery in Dunn, North Carolina. According to Erwin police, the man died from injuries he sustained when the forklift fell off a flatbed truck.  When we hear news like this our hearts go out to the family and friends. What Options Do Families Have If a Loved One’s Killed in a Construction Accident? If your loved one is killed in an on-the-job accident, before talking to his or her employer or their insurance company, you should talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer first. Your family member’s employer and their insurer often do not have your and your family’s best interests in mind when they approach you. They want to resolve the situation in a way…
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Happy Father’s Day from Riddle & Brantley!

From our family to yours, Happy Father’s Day!

Will My Car Insurance Rates Go Up If a Wreck Is Not My Fault?

There’s never anything simple when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck. However, one of the last things that drivers who are the victims of a car accident expect is that their car insurance rates will go up if they file a not-at-fault claim following the incident. Unfortunately, in some cases, it can happen. Could Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up If You File a Not-at-Fault Claim? The Balance, a financial news and advice website, featured an article on not-at-fault claims and how they can unexpectedly raise your car insurance rates. Per the report, in most states, car accident victims file not-at-fault insurance claims with the insurance company of the driver responsible for the wreck. If you file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, you should not have to worry about your insurance rates going up. In some cases, you may not be able…
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Are Adults Under 50 Eligible for Disability Benefits?

When people think of those that collect Social Security disability benefits, most are likely to think of older men and women who are injured on the job. However, there are also many men and women under 50 years old who rely on disability benefits. Unfortunately, young adults (men and women over 18 years old but under 50) can have a difficult time qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). How Do Disability Benefits Work for Adults Under 50 Years Old? When a disability claimant is over 18 but under 50, the entire process, from the application phase to the hearing stage, is difficult. To qualify for Social Security disability as a young adult, the applicant must prove that he or she cannot work at virtually any job, and not just the jobs that he or she has previously held. Therefore, unless Disability and Determination Services…
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