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Preparing for the Uncertainty of Hurricane Florence

September 11, 2018   |  
As we're all aware, Hurricane Florence is scheduled to make landfall in North Carolina late Thursday afternoon. Currently, a category 4 storm, residents of the state can expect to experience extreme to catastrophic damages including powerful winds, extreme flooding and limited resources including electricity. Hurricanes are one of nature’s most...
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Don’t Get Bitten By Road Gators

September 10, 2018   |  
Many truck companies retread their expensive tires to get more use out of them. This means they remove the worn tread and apply an entirely new tread to the tire’s casing. Some companies use cement to attach the new tread, while others use a molding and curing process for retreading....
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Roundup Lawsuit: Your Questions Answered

August 30, 2018   |  
The popular weed killer, Roundup, is receiving much attention from the media as of late. This is due to the recent trial held in San Francisco for a man who has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer after years of using the popular herbicide. So why are people suing Monsanto, the manufacturer of...
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Tips to Keep North Carolina Kids Safe on the Way Back to School

August 26, 2018   |  
It’s that time of year again. Kids of all ages are headed back to school. Whether kids attend an elementary school, charter school, high school, private school, or special education center; these students all have one thing in common: the need to arrive safely to and from school. The first...
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Silent Sam: What You Need To Know

August 23, 2018   |  
Late Monday afternoon, a group of more than 250 protesters gathered in Chapel Hill at the University of North Carolina to call for the removal of “Silent Sam”, a Confederate monument located on campus. This gathering occurred just one day prior to the start of the Fall semester. By 9:30...
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Do You Have Any Of These Harmful Products In Your Home?

August 23, 2018   |  
Companies are responsible for producing safe products for consumers to use. These products should be safe and guaranteed to work as advertised. Companies that are negligent in this responsibility should be held accountable. Consumers have the right to hold these companies to a high standard of safety. By contacting an...
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Riddle & Brantley Secures $250K for Woman Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

August 22, 2018   |  
The settlement below is intended to illustrate the type of matters handled by our firm. This result does not guarantee a similar outcome, and should not be construed to constitute a promise or guarantee of a particular result in any particular case. Every case is different, and the outcome of any...
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When Can You Sue for Negligence at a Nursing Home?

August 19, 2018   |  
Many nursing home patients need constant attention, both physically and mentally. Although this is the attention our loved ones deserve, it may not always be the treatment they receive. Studies indicate that between one and two million Americans over the age of 65 have been victims of neglect and or...
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Our Focus Is On You – It’s Who We Are

August 7, 2018   |  
A great attorney stands apart from the rest by offering exceptional service to clients. This encompasses so much more than filling out legal documents and presenting a case in court. A great attorney takes care of all of the client’s needs moving forward with their case. Here are just a...
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Bus Accidents: A Quick Event with Long-Term Effects

August 2, 2018   |  
Many people rely on public transportation to get around the city in which they live. This includes city, school or activity, church, charter, and coach buses. It is imperative the driver and company responsible for these buses use caution. Unfortunately, collisions involving buses still occur. Many bus accidents are due...
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