Advice for Parents to Avoid Pool Dangers

“The picture of screams for help and flailing arms are often not reality when it comes to drowning,” says a new article on  This is very true, and important for parents to learn.  Unlike in the movies, a drowning can happen in seconds.  A child tries to swim under a floating raft and gets caught, with his parents just feet away, waiting for him to arise, and having no idea he is in danger.  A person swallows some water, chokes, and loses consciousness, while his friends throw around a football just feet away.  A drowning can hit a crisis point in seconds with no obvious warning to onlookers.
The article also talks about the importance of CPR.  Quick response can mean the difference between life and death, or avoiding brain injury.  CPR courses are important and are offered across the state.  Experts now recommend only applying chest compressions and not breathing into a victim’s lungs, until emergency personnel arrive.

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