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North Carolina Vital Car Crash Statistics for 2014

Andy   |  July 27, 2015   |  

Our Raleigh car accident lawyers report on North Carolina vital car crash statistics for 2014.

If you live or work in Eastern North Carolina, it is important you know the vital statistics on North Carolina car crashes for 2014. The more you understand the dangers, the better you can prepare for the risks. So, although car accidents can occur for any number of reasons, knowing the types of accidents, common causes and involved parties may be able to help lower your chances of being involved in a serious or fatal accident in North Carolina. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), a total of 226,571 vehicle-related crashes took place in 2014, with 71,012 being injury accidents and 1,179 being fatal crashes.

This breaks down to a crash rate of 209.71 and a per vehicle miles traveled accident rate of 1,080.40. In these accidents, 1,277 people lost their lives and another 110,501 sustained injury. Teens accounted for 101 of the 1,277 fatalities and about 10 percent of the injured accident victims.

In the most recent year (2014), NC vehicle-related crash statistics show:

  • 41% of those killed were not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident;
  • 3,824 crashes involved at least one motorcyclist;
  • Motorcycle accidents led to 146 deaths and 3,663 injuries;
  • 6,125 crashes involved commercial motor vehicles (CMVs);
  • Accidents involving CMVs caused 87 deaths and 2,440 injuries;
  • 595 crashes involved at least one bicyclist;
  • Bicycle accidents led to 17 deaths and 579 injuries;
  • 2,137 crashes involved pedestrians;
  • Pedestrian accidents resulted in 170 deaths and 2,190 injuries;
  • Alcohol was a factor in 10,804 crashes, 366 fatalities and 7,832 injuries;
  • Speed played a role in 75,744 crashes, 430 deaths and 40,416 injuries; and
  • Lane departure was a factor in 55,247 crashes, 753 fatalities and 28,338 injuries.

Statistical Five-Year Comparison on NC Vehicle-Related Crashes

Now that you know the number of car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian crashes which occurred during 2014 in North Carolina, we wanted to reveal how our state did last year on crashes and fatalities as compared to the previous five year average:

Statistical Five-Year Comparison on NC Vehicle-Related Crashes

Of particular note, while total crashes were up in 2014 over the previous five-year average, fatal crashes and the fatality rate in vehicle-related crashes were both down.
Bicycle accidents and fatalities were also below average, which is a good sign considering the vulnerability of bicyclists on our city streets and roads. Fortunately, even those 2014 crash statistics which were above the previous five-year average did not show an increase in fatalities.

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