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Could Social Media Posts Affect My Injury Claim?

Brandon Evans   |  January 24, 2018   |  

How could social media affect your case?Social media platforms have become an inescapable part of our lives. Billions of people worldwide are now using these services socially and professionally. We understand that your social media activity may be an important aspect of your life. However, your posts, photos and videos on social media could sink your personal injury claim. If you have recently filed a personal injury claim, then it is important to be very careful on social media.

When you file a personal injury claim, you are trying to show that the defendant has caused you or a loved one some type of physical, emotional or psychological harm. Defense attorneys and insurance adjusters are going to look for ways to disprove the merits of your claim. One way they could do this is by using your social media posts to establish a harmful narrative against your case.

Five Ways to Avoid Social Media Mistakes During Your Personal Injury Case

There are ways that you could reduce the chances of social media posts being used against your personal injury claim.

  1. Be cautious with posts: Generally, it is best to avoid social media after your claim has been filed. Assume that whatever you post can also be seen by defense attorneys or insurance adjusters.
  2. Increase your privacy settings: Most social media websites allow you to modify the audiences who can see your profile. You could limit who you are sharing your profile with during your case. It may also be possible to control how you show up on Google search results.
  3. Limit future shared content: You may be tagged in future posts, photos or videos by friends, family members or coworkers. Shared content could also put your case at risk. Many social media platforms allow you to turn off tagging features. You may also want to ask friends and families to avoid mentioning you in posts.
  4. Be careful who you add: Practice extra caution before accepting friend requests or followers. Avoid accepting invites from people you do not know or trust.
  5. Listen to your attorney: Your attorney may advise you on how past and future social media activity could impact your case. Our website has more information on how you should treat social media during a personal injury case. There are other social media mistakes our blog did not cover. An attorney could help you avoid these mistakes.

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