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Our Raleigh medical device defect and product liability law firm fights for victims of 3M Bair Hugger defect-related injuries and their families.

Why the 3m Bair Hugger Failed

The 3m Bair Hugger Developer Originally the Bair Hugger product was invented by an anesthesiologist out of Minnesota named Dr. Scott D. Augustine. After he invented the product he created a company called Augustine Medical. In 2002 Dr. Augustine resigned and stepped away from his company after a serious dispute with the board. The company then became Arizant Inc. The original founder Dr. Augustine has openly admitted that his product poses a risk and should no longer be used. We know the 3m Bair Hugger shouldn’t be used in hospitals because it can create infections that can be life threatening or even cause long term negative effects. In the fall of 2010 Arizant inc. was bought out by 3M for 810 million. 3M is a global billion-dollar corporation that invents products for a variety of industries. They don’t specialize in product innovation for one specific industry. If they see an…
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