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Our NC premises liability and personal injury law firm has been helping victims of animal attacks and their families hold negligent pet owners accountable.

Coconut Riddle on How to Keep Your Kids from Getting Bitten by a Dog

Everyone at Riddle and Brantley loves dogs, especially our very own Coconut. However, we know that dogs bite sometimes. We have represented many dog bite victims in the past. In our experience of handling cases involving dogs that bite people, we have noted that children appear to be bitten more frequently than adults. Aside from the fact that children are smaller than adults, children also don’t appreciate the warning signs of aggressive behavior that some dogs exhibit before the bite. In our many years of handling dog bite cases we have learned a lot about dog bites and even learned some possible ways to prevent the bites, especially in small children. Coconut’s List of Dog Bite Factors to Consider: 1)      Age of Child. The age of the child can contribute to a bite. The younger the child, the more likely the child will fail to appreciate danger and the more…
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How to Best Preserve Key Evidence after an Accident

Were you injured in an auto accident or a slip fall? Have you suffered a dog bite or other injury? Were you or a family member seriously injured on the job? When accidents happen one of the most important things to do is obtain and preserve key evidence. Auto Accident, Especially Those Involving Tractor Trailers Any auto accident can involve serious injury or death. Accidents involving trucks or motorcycles can cause very serious and permanent injuries. This is why it is important to obtain key evidence and preserve it. In some accidents involving serious injury or death, the investigating officer does not to talk to you or your side until long after the accident, whether it is because your injury is so severe that you can’t give your statement at that time or the officer is too busy investigating and clearing the scene. Sometimes you can’t get the names of…
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