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Takata Airbag Recall: The Largest Auto Recall in US History

The Takata Airbag Recall is considered the largest auto safety recall in United States history. The recall involves nearly 50 million airbags in cars, trucks, and SUVs of 19 different automakers. Caused by a defective inflator, the airbags are exploding when deployed in an accident, sending shrapnel flying across the cabin and seriously injuring drivers and passengers. There have even been 15 reported deaths in the US from this defect.  What Steps Have Been Taken to Resolve This Issue? Beginning in 2008, manufacturers issued letters informing car owners of the recall. They were urged to bring the vehicles to a local dealer to have them replaced. Up until recently, however, car owners were having trouble getting replacement airbags due to a supply shortage. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has stated that the supply problems are over, and owners need to act. There are still more than 26 million…
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How Do I Know If My Vehicle Was Recalled?

Vehicles with safety defects are recalled by manufacturers each year. In fact, more than 53 million vehicles were recalled in the US during 2016. While your vehicle’s manufacturer is required to notify you when there is a recall, there are reasons why you may not receive the notification. Fortunately, you can find information regarding your vehicle’s recall status. First, you will need to grab your 17-digit vehicle identification number (also called the VIN) from your insurance card or your driver’s side dashboard. The VIN can also be found on your vehicle’s registration paperwork. Type this number into NHTSA’s website to determine whether your vehicle has an unfixed safety recall. NHTSA’s website may not display very recently announced recalls. What Can I Do If My Vehicle is Recalled? You should never wait to fix a recalled vehicle. Some defects, such as Takata airbags, could cause catastrophic injuries or death. Furthermore, you…
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Recalls Initiated Over Flammable Children’s Pajamas and Sleep Products

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently coordinated multiple recalls for children’s pajama products that fail to meet federal flammability safety standards. In 1972, when the CPSC was created, it took over the responsibility of issuing flammability standards for clothing products from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Children’s sleepwear above size 9 months and up to size 14 are covered by the CPSC’s flammability standards. If the products complied with the CPSC’s standards, they would be flame-resistant and capable of self-extinguishing. Flammable clothing may have more opportunities to encounter candles, fireplaces or other sources of heat during the cold winter months. Pajamas that do not meet the CPSC standard may combust. Products sold by One Stop Shop, Sweet Bamboo and Woolino were included in the recalls. Some of the recalled products could be bought on Amazon and Others were sold children’s boutique stores, such as Pony, Foreman Mills…
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