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How Can I Avoid Buying a Flood-Damaged Vehicle?

Millions of vehicles across the US have been damaged by flood waters caused by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. After extensive flooding or extreme weather, it is not uncommon for damaged vehicles to be sold on new or used car lots. Individuals or businesses may use a variety of tricks to hide the damage. You and many others could be at risk of purchasing an unsafe or broken vehicle. In North Carolina, flood damage must be reported on a vehicle’s title. However, titles can be manipulated or altered to remove this important information. The North Carolina Attorney General’s Office has released some tips that can help you identify damaged vehicles before you make a purchase. Directly ask the seller if the vehicle has a history of weather damage. Use to pull a vehicle’s history report. This website has a list of approved providers who can pull vehicle history information….
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What’s Your Stance on the Confederate Statues and Memorials?

Recent events have highlighted the emotional and deeply dividing controversy over public and private memorials, markers, statues and monuments to Confederate soldiers. Charlottesville, Virginia suffered tragedy sparked by radical groups promoting white supremacy, anti-Semitic rhetoric and hate. In response, government officials, along with public opinion, have called for removal of these statues and monuments which are now lightning rods of controversy. What is the law in North Carolina regarding these statues and memorials? What can local governments do? What can private citizens do? Timeline of Events Since Charlottesville Chaos and violence erupt in Charlottesville, Virginia resulting in three deaths and several injuries. This is all in response to white supremacists exercising their first amendment right to spread prejudice and hate. President Trump speaks against violence and hate but does not specifically denounce the hate groups. Our president clearly denounces violence and hate. President Trump speaks again and again but does…
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How Can My Business Recover Following a Disaster?

Last week, we reported on the massive power outage that plunged the Ocracoke and Hatteras Islands in the Outer Banks area into darkness, and forced the evacuation of tourists vacationing on the islands. Recently, WRAL-TV updated the story. Per WRAL-TV’s report, the islands have restored power, allowing tourists to return as of Friday, August 4 at noon. It is great to hear that the power is back on and tourists can continue their vacations. However, damage has still been done to both tourists whose vacations have been ruined and businesses that depend on tourism, such as hotels, boating tour companies and restaurants. How can a business recover from an incident like this? Tips to Help Businesses Recover After a Disaster Entrepreneur published an article with tips to help businesses rebound following a disaster. Here are a few of the tips featured in the Entrepreneur piece: Talk to your insurance company…
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