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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed About Needing Social Security Disability

Recently, The Washington Post published an article written by a man regarding the shame he felt from needing Social Security disability following a stroke. In the piece, the man discusses how he worked his whole life, including 20 years as a process operator for Exxon, before suffering an ischemic stroke. However, since his stroke, he cannot work. Why? He cannot drive, there is no public transportation in the part of Texas where he lives and brain damage from the stroke has limited his reflexes. In addition, a few weeks after his stroke, his wife of 41 years lost her job. At that point, he had to apply for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, after getting through the mountain of paperwork, it took months before he underwent physical and psychological examinations by doctors. Following the examinations, he and his wife’s finances were reviewed. After that, they have had to wait. As…
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How Does the NC Bathroom Bill Repeal Impact Employment Law?

With the NC bathroom bill repeal in the books, transgender people are free to use the public restroom of their choosing. In addition, the repeal has placed restrictions on the ability of cities and towns to create new workplace laws until 2020. Why Does the NC Bathroom Bill Repeal Prevent Cities and Towns from Creating New Workplace Laws? As a part of the repeal of North Carolina’s bathroom bill (also known as HB 2), in addition to reversing the requirement for transgender individuals to use the restroom in public buildings that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificates, all localities are pre-empted from amending or enacting employment laws until December 2020. This was the compromise necessary to gain enough support from lawmakers to repeal HB 2. Pre-empting cities and towns from creating and changing workplace laws until 2020 does not just prevent them from enacting their own transgender bathroom…
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Have Lawmakers Reached an Agreement to Repeal the NC Bathroom Bill?

We have been following efforts to repeal the NC bathroom bill for months, including blogging about HB 2’s impact on our state and the governor’s work to repeal the controversial bathroom legislation. Per WRAL-TV, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and state lawmakers have finally reached an agreement to repeal the NC bathroom bill and replace it with new law that preempts state agencies and branches of government from regulating access to multiple occupancy bathrooms, showers, restrooms and dressing rooms, except in accordance with our legislature. How Was the NC Bathroom Bill Impacting North Carolina? HB 2 was passed just over a year ago. It required transgender people to only be allowed to use public restrooms in government buildings, such as schools, that corresponded to their birth gender. In addition, the NC bathroom bill excluded transgender and gay people for discrimination protections. After it became law, North Carolina faced backlash from…
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