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Riddle & Brantley, LLP Investigating the Las Vegas Shooting

The worst mass shooting in US history occurred on October 1 when 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 concertgoers from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. More than 500 people were injured by the shooting and another 58 lost their lives. The victims came from all walks of life – teachers, students, firefighters, police officers, students and nurses. Several weeks later, the authorities are learning more about this shooting and why it happened. Stephen Paddock’s body was found in a hotel room along with almost two dozen firearms, 12 of which were outfitted with “bump stocks.” These are modifications that can be made to semi-automatic rifles to make them fire more like fully automatic rifles. Investigators have discovered that Stephen Paddock began shooting into the hotel hallway six minutes before he opened fire on the crowd of 22,000 who were attending the…
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Could President Trump Be Impeached?

Signs of a Movement Are we witnessing the rumblings and signs of a movement to attempt to impeach our sitting President, Donald Trump? We have allegations of scandal involving collusion with our arch enemies, the Russians. We hear chatter about the President pressuring FBI director Comey to drop the investigation into the Russians. Then President Trump fires Director Comey. Remember, these are only rumblings and unsubstantiated allegations at this point. Every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. President Trump deserves no less. Constitutional legal scholars continue to debate whether bringing criminal charges against a sitting President of the United States would violate the separation of powers clause by allowing the judicial branch to exert pressure and control over the chief of the executive branch. However, the consensus among most constitutional experts is that a President must first be impeached before he can face criminal charges. What is Impeachment? Impeachment is…
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Why Did the Jury Award $100,000 to the Woman in the Starbucks Coffee Lawsuit?

Last week, a woman was awarded $100,000 for severe burn injuries she suffered when Starbucks coffee spilled on her lap after the cup’s lid came off. Many people do not understand why victims in hot coffee lawsuits are awarded money and believe these types of cases are scam lawsuits. The video below shows the truth behind the McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit and why the victim in that case, as well as victims in similar cases, deserve every penny of compensation they are awarded.

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