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The personal injury lawyers at our Raleigh law firm are often able to help injury victims and their families make up for lost income from their injuries.

Was I Affected by the Equifax Breach?

An estimated 143 million Americans have been affected by the Equifax data breach. Equifax discovered the breach in late July, but told the public a month later. Hackers stole Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, birth dates and other financial data from millions of Americans. This information can be used to carry out widespread identity theft. An identity thief could fraudulently open new lines of credit with this information. There is a way to check whether you were affected by the breach. In addition, you can also take measures to protect yourself from identity theft. How to check if you are affected. Equifax created a website for consumers that will allow you to discover whether you were affected by the breach. Use and click the “potential impact” tab on the site. How to freeze your credit: The North Carolina Attorney General’s website discusses steps you can take to freeze…
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Wage & Hour Claims

If you feel that your employer has unfairly failed to pay you wages that you are owed, you should contact Riddle & Brantley to learn your rights.  We will be happy to provide a free consultation and advise you if you have a claim that we can help you with. The most common types of wage claims involve overtime pay.  Wage claims in North Carolina are governed by both Federal and State law.  The North Carolina Department of Labor’s website:, describes how these laws can apply on issues like minors being employed in the workplace or employees’ entitlement to rest breaks.  But the Department of Labor will generally not advocate for you if you have been denied wages, as detailed in a recent Charlotte Observer article: If your employer wrongfully refuses to pay you overtime wages, you can be entitled to compensation, including trebled damages and recovery of…
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