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Our Raleigh personal injury law firm has been helping victims of motorcycle accidents and their families throughout North Carolina for years.

Motorcycle Tips: Driving a Motorcycle Safely on Different Surfaces

Motorcycles are everywhere.  Many people enjoy the feeling of the open road and riding motorcycles. There are a few things that motorcycle drivers can do to decrease the chance of being involved in accidents.  Just riding a motorcycle increases your chances of being in an accident. Uneven surfaces such as broken pavement, bumps, potholes and debris in the road can create dangerous driving conditions.  Try to avoid these obstacles by slowing down and going around them.  If you cannot go around the obstacle then approach it as close to a 90 degree angle as possible.  Make sure to look in the direction that you want to go and control your path of travel.   If you must drive over the obstacle slow down as much as you can and keep the motorcycle in an upright position. Also rise slightly off the seat with your weight on the foot pegs to absorb…
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Are Accidents Handled Differently in North Carolina if they Involve Motorcycles?

The same laws apply to automobile collisions, whether they involve a car, an SUV, or a motorcycle, but there are different factors that come into play when motorcycles are involved in an accident. As noted on our website’s page dedicated to motorcycle collisions,motorcycle accidents are 26 times more likely to result in a fatality than other kinds of collisions. Many of the reasons are obvious; motorcycles just offer less protection than a sedan, SUV, or truck. But many of the reasons are less obvious to people who don’t ride motorcycles. Differences Between Motorcycle Accidents and Car Accidents Bikes typically have stopping power that is considerably less than that of a car. We see lots of accidents involving cars that turn in front of motorcycles. A good portion of those accidents involve drivers of cars who incorrectly assumed the driver of the motorcycle would slow and allow the to turn in…
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Everything You Need to Know about North Carolina’s Motorcycle Safety Courses

Riding a motorcycle is fun, but when accidents happen they can be deadly. According to statistics published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in April 2015, the number of motorcycle fatalities is 26 times higher than the number of automobile traffic deaths. The IIHS also points out that nearly half of all motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle crashes, and do not involve another vehicle. Groups like the Motorcycle Safety Board are trying to do something about those grim statistics. Here’s how that group describes its mission: “To make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable by ensuring access to lifelong quality education and training for current and prospective riders, and by advocating a safer riding environment.” The Motorcycle Safety Board has developed training programs available nationwide to train motorcyclists to operate a motorcycle safely, in crash avoidance, and to be more aware of the potential dangers of the road. North Carolina…
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