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Safety Counts – How Can I Prevent Child Heat Stroke?

Do you know what hyperthermia is? You’ve probably heard of hypothermia, which is when the body gets too cold, but hyperthermia is different. Hyperthermia happens when your body gets too hot, and is often called heat stroke or heat exhaustion. This condition can be very dangerous to your health, but did you know that children are far more susceptible to heat stroke than adults? Safety Counts – Ways to Prevent Child Heat Stroke According to Safe Kids North Carolina, a child’s body can heat up three to five times faster than an adult’s body. This combined with their smaller body mass makes them vulnerable to heat stroke. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make warm weather safer for your child. Frequent Hydration– Because children are small, they can sweat out a lot of their body water in little to no time. That’s why it is important to…
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How Do I Prevent Christmas Tree Fires in My Home?

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the Christmas season is in full swing. While it’s wonderful to see the Christmas spirit on display in the form of decorations, including holiday lights, candles and trees, we all must be careful not to put our safety at risk as a result. The US Fire Administration released the following facts about holiday fires: The peak time of the year for candle fires in the US is December The bedroom is the site of almost one-third of candle fires One-fourth of Christmas tree fires are the result of a heat source being too close to the tree While one in every 144 home fires results in a death, on average, one in every 31 Christmas tree fires results in a death Electrical problems cause one of every three Christmas tree fires Fireplace and Christmas Tree Safety Tips To help people enjoy their holidays without putting…
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Are Trampoline Parks Just Accidents Waiting to Happen?

As trampoline parks have grown in popularity in the last few years, there has been an increase in the amount of trampoline-related injuries. According to a study published in USA Today back in August, in 2010, less than 600 kids were admitted to the emergency room for injuries they suffered at a trampoline park. In 2014, the same study showed that nearly 7,000 children went to the ER for trampoline park injuries. Does the sharp rise in trampoline park injuries mean that these facilities are just accidents waiting to happen? Types of Trampoline Park Accident Injuries There are several different types of injuries guests can suffer when visiting trampoline parks. A few of the more common injuries mentioned in the USA Today story were: Sprains Skull Fractures Spinal Cord Injury Dislocations Open Leg Fractures What Should I Do If My Kids or I Am Hurt at Trampoline Park? If you…
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