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Our Raleigh personal injury lawyers provide Safety Counts Safety Tips to help the people and families stay safe and avoid injury.

Six Heating Safety Tips to Prevent House Fires During Cold Weather

The US has seen some of the coldest weather in recent memory during the last few weeks. Two weeks ago, North Carolina and other parts of the US experienced temperatures that were well below freezing. You probably relied on portable or installed heating devices to escape the cold weather. House fires increase during the cold weather months as more people rely on these devices to stay warm. You could reduce the chances of a house fire by following these six safety tips. Never plug portable space heaters into power strips. Space heaters can overload power strips and cause fires. These devices should only be plugged into wall outlets with a sufficient capacity. This means the outlet can handle the electrical demands required by the space heater. Keep objects away from space heaters. Some house fires are caused when space heaters are too close to flammable objects, such as furniture or…
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Could Your Residence Be Exposed to Carbon Monoxide This Winter?

As you are all aware, temperatures across North Carolina have plummeted to below freezing in recent weeks. You most likely have heated your residence to escape the freezing cold weather. However, you should be aware that cases of carbon monoxide poisoning increase during the winter months. Carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas that kills more than 400 people in the US each year. The initial symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can mimic the onset of the flu. According to Mayo Clinic, the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can include nausea, headache, dizziness and shortness of breath. It is not uncommon to confuse the initial symptoms of poisoning with an illness. In fact, a duplex of 10 people in Minnesota almost died after mistaking the early symptoms with the onset of a regular illness. What Increases the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? There are multiple reasons why carbon monoxide…
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Concussions, Brain Injuries On the Rise in Youth Athletes

Brain injuries among youth athletes are a serious health concern in the United States. Each year, an estimated 173,000 children (19 years or younger) are affected by sports-related head injuries or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries) according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. In 2007, all 50 states and the District of Columbia enacted legislation to address youth athletic brain injuries. The laws implemented share these three objectives: Educate and train youth athletic professionals on concussion recognition and response Remove youth athletes from practice or play in the event a suspected concussion has occurred Return youth athletes to practice or play after a thorough evaluation has been performed and they are cleared by a healthcare professional.  Although many brain injuries are considered “mild”, they can heavily impact youth brains and result in long-term impairments. These impairments can range from memory loss to emotional or behavioral changes. The most concerning issue is the…
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