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Baby Hippo Born Prematurely Finally Able to Take Her First Steps?

In a happy bit of news, after struggling just to breathe, eat, gain weight and stand, a baby hippopotamus named Fiona, who was born six weeks prematurely, was recently able to gain enough strength to take her first few steps. The Cincinnati Zoo has provided intensive care for Fiona around-the-clock since the baby hippo’s premature birth.

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Should I Be Getting Paid More Because of the New Federal Overtime Rules?

Come December 1, new federal overtime rules are set to bring major changes to the paychecks of many employees in North Carolina and throughout the US. Under these new rules, for an employee to be designated as salaried, he or she will have to make a minimum of $47,500 a year. This is a massive increase from the current minimum of $23,660. According to the US Department of Labor, this change could affect the salaries and/or employment status of more than 4 million workers around the country, including over 150,000 employees in North Carolina. How Do the New Federal Overtime Rules Work? The impact of the change to the federal overtime rules will mostly be an issue for employers that have to decide whether to categorize highly skilled professionals and administrative staff who routinely work over 40 hours a week as hourly or salaried employees. Currently, many of these employees…
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What Is At Risk for the At-Fault Driver When a Car Accident Lawsuit Is Filed?

If you were in a car accident that was your fault, you may be wondering what comes next. Will insurance cover all the bills? Will your insurance be canceled or will the premium increase? The answers depend on a few factors, but being at fault in an accident is not the end of the world — you will make it through.  Loss of Insurance Coverage or Higher Premiums The unfortunate reality is that if you are to blame for a car accident and your insurance company pays the claim, your premiums will likely go up for a few years, until the accident is no longer on your driving record, or the insurance carrier may charge a surcharge because of the accident. It is unlikely that you will lose insurance coverage, though your insurance company does have the option of canceling or not renewing your insurance. The premium increase is not…
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