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Can Undocumented Immigrants File a Workers Comp Claim?

Undocumented immigrants file a workers comp claim like any other employee. Our firm has handled work and construction accident cases involving injured, undocumented workers. It does not matter if workers are undocumented, although they may be understandably nervous. Injured workers can receive compensation regardless of their immigration status. In this video, North Carolina construction accident attorney Gene Riddle explains how Riddle & Brantley can help injured undocumented workers and their families receive workers’ compensation or other benefits. Video Transcription In some of our construction site accidents that we’ve handled, the person that we represented or the family that we represented were undocumented immigrants. In a worker’s compensation case, the workers status as a documented immigrant, a citizen, or an undocumented immigrant, does not matter with respect to compensation that person is going to be compensated. In fact, the case I referred to earlier, we represented an undocumented immigrant and got…
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