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The Who We Are section of our North Carolina personal injury law firm’s website includes videos that give insight about our firm, attorneys and staff.

Does It Cost More to Hire a Trial Lawyer?

Several of our lawyers are Certified Trial Lawyers, which means they have specialization certificates and extensive experience in the courtroom. Having a trial attorney on your side can help your case even if you do not end up going to trial. In this video, attorney Adam Hemler explains that you pay the same contingency fees when you hire a trial lawyer. Therefore, you can benefit from a trial attorney’s skills without paying more. Video Transcription It’s important to prepare every case like you’re going to trial. Because, we need all that background information to properly prepare a case for client. We need what happened during the collision. We need all the medical information. We need everything in order to consider it as part of the process. Is the other side more inclined to take you seriously? Absolutely. They’ve got people that do nothing but work on your case from the…
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Riddle & Brantley – Coconut Cares

Coconut is not only our office mascot, but he also represents the joy that a pet can bring to entire families. In this video, personal injury attorney Gene Riddle and Coconut encourage everyone to adopt pets from our local animal shelters. At Riddle & Brantley, animal shelters are part of the non-profit organizations that we regularly support. Check out Coconut’s Facebook page for more information about what he is up to in our office, as well as updates on our charitable work with animal shelters in North Carolina. Video Transcription Coconut and the entire team here at Riddle & Brantley, want to encourage you to adopt a cat or dog from an area shelter. A pet can bring new joy to your life, with unconditional love and a special connection. Adopt a dog or a cat from an area shelter. You will change its life and it will change yours…
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Do I Need Money for a Personal Injury Case?

The vast majority of people injured in a car accident or by another person’s negligence do not have the money for a personal injury case to pay an attorney up front. This is why personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that it costs people nothing to pursue a case with experienced legal representation. Further, the client does not pay any attorney fees until and unless a recovery is made. In this video, Raleigh personal injury attorney Gene Riddle explains how contingency fees work. When a client retains our firm, our lawyers will first review every aspect of the attorney fee agreement and answer any questions that may arise. Video Transcription Let me explain a little bit about a contingency fee, which is how we handle most of our cases here at Riddle and Brantley. A contingency fee is a fee based on, we get paid…
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