Tips for a Successful Qui Tam Lawsuit

Thinking of Filing a Lawsuit?

Unathorized practice of lawIf you think your employer or former employer may be committing fraud against the government, you may be able to file a qui tam lawsuit under the False Claims Act and receive a portion of the money the government recovers.

If you believe you have evidence of fraud, call (800)525-7111 and speak with the experienced whistleblower attorneys at Riddle & Brantley, LLP. Our qui tam lawyers can help you plan the best course of action to help make your claim a success.

Tips for Filing Your Whistleblower Case

Whistleblower cases are a special area of federal law which requires the expertise of talented and knowledgeable attorneys. In addition to hiring talented legal representation, you can help your qui tam case by following these tips:

Discuss Your Qui Tam Claim with an Attorney

If you are thinking of filing a qui tam case against your employer or former employer, you need to speak with an experienced qui tam lawyer before you take action.

A whistleblower attorney can help you build your case, and determine what type of evidence you need and your likelihood of success if you do file suit. In addition, your attorney will be able to advise you on issues such as whether or not you should report the alleged fraud to your attorney, and what you should do about any retaliation against you by your employer.

At Riddle & Brantley, LLP, our attorneys have the experience you need on your side when you are thinking about filing a whistleblower case. Our lawyers can assess your case for strengths and weaknesses, and help you present the best case possible to the federal government. If you have witnessed fraud, call (800)525-7111 or use our case evaluation form to speak with one of our qui tam attorneys today.