Has Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Been Denied?

Our Raleigh workers’ compensation attorneys are ready to fight for your right to benefits on appeal.
Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system was designed to provide injured workers with medical treatment and partial wage-replacement benefits quickly and without requiring claimants to show that their employer did anything wrong. Unfortunately, the process does not always work so simply.

Workers Compensation FallIf your workers’ comp claim has been rejected, you are not alone. Many valid claims are initially denied by employers and insurance companies that are more concerned about saving money than protecting your health and financial wellbeing after a workplace accident. We can help. Riddle & Brantley’s team of skilled Raleigh workers’ compensation attorneys have significant experience with successfully appealing denied claims. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Get Help from Our Board-Certified Specialists in Workers’ Comp Law

You suffered a serious injury on the job or contracted an occupational illness. You may be unable to work due to your condition, and the medical bills are piling up. Now you find out that your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company have denied your claim for benefits. You need help from an attorney who has the qualifications required to get results.

justicecounts metal hip implants-04Riddle & Brantley’s team of Raleigh workers’ comp attorneys includes two lawyers who have earned certification from the North Carolina State Bar as specialists in workers’ compensation law. Chris Brantley and Adam Smith are among a select few North Carolina attorneys who have met the rigorous demands for board certification as workers’ compensation specialists.

The North Carolina State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization recognizes lawyers who have demonstrated knowledge, experience, and achievement in workers’ compensation law. According to the board, in order to qualify, attorneys must:

Reasons Given for Denying Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers’ compensation is supposed to provide benefits quickly and without a drawn-out dispute over what caused the accident or who was to blame. However, there are some reasons why an injured worker may not be entitled to benefits. Unfortunately, employers and their insurance companies often try to use these exceptions as grounds to wrongfully deny a valid claim.

Your employer and insurance company may have tried to deny your workers’ comp benefits by claiming:

Denied Workers’ Comp Claim? Our Raleigh Lawyers Can Help

If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, do not give up. Your employer and the insurance company do not have the final word on whether you are entitled to benefits. Let a qualified Raleigh workers’ compensation attorney review the facts in your case to determine whether you may have a strong case for appealing the denial.

Insurance companies are not in the business to protect injured workers. Insurers may do anything they can in order to protect their bottom line even if it means denying benefits to those that deserve them. Don’t let them get away with it. At Riddle & Brantley, our skilled attorneys have helped many injured workers go on to get the workers’ compensation benefits they need and deserve despite a claim that was initially rejected.

R and B LogoTo speak to a Raleigh workers’ compensation lawyer, please contact our firm today so that we can review the circumstances of your case and inform you of your best course of action.